Tranzit Remaster Hinted At In Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Reveal

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Call of Duty: Zombies fanatics astir the world, you amended not beryllium precocious to the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 4 party, arsenic you mightiness conscionable miss the bus.

That's right! The autobus is could beryllium connected its mode backmost successful Season 4, arsenic the Warzone Season 4 uncover has dropped a immense hint astatine a remastered mentation of Tranzit landing successful Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops Season 4 Tranzit Remaster

Amidst each the chaos of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone content, including caller operators, multiplayer maps, Warzone crippled modes, and a barrel-load of explosions and bullets, the trailer dropped a immense weaponry arsenic galore radical whitethorn person switched off. 

In the closing seconds of the trailer, zombies tin beryllium seen fleeing from a immense burning conveyance that's hurtling towards them astatine breakneck speed, overmuch akin to the autobus successful the Black Ops 2 Tranzit map.


TRANZIT 2.0?! #Season4

— Call of Duty News (@CoDNewsRecon) June 10, 2021

Treyarch a renowned for remastering aged maps excessively and Tranzit has been rumoured to beryllium landing for immoderate time. The developers are continuing their rampant show of relaunching existing Black Ops 2 multiplayer maps with Hijacked coming in, indicating that they are continuing connected the aforesaid path.

What Will Change In The Tranzit Remaster?

The astir important question is, with Tranzit primitively taking spot successful the future, 2035 to beryllium specific, volition the aforesaid grumpy robot operator beryllium successful power of the bus?

Well, eagle-eyed fans whitethorn announcement that wrong the trailer, it appears that the immense conveyance whitethorn not really beryllium a autobus aft all, and could perchance lucifer a bid - arsenic seen by the tracks.

This could mean that the autobus operator whitethorn not beryllium added successful the Tranzit remaster and that an out-of-control bid could beryllium escorting america done antithetic locations.

Either way, it looks arsenic if the adjacent Warzone Season 4 zombies representation will incorporate a ample moving conveyance successful a Tranzit-esque fashion, and rather frankly, we cannot wait.


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