What does it feel like working with a coach who cares about your long-term goals?

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There is thing much frustrating erstwhile you put successful a manager and you consciousness similar conscionable a fig to them. Have you ever invested successful a programme wherever you felt similar the manager did not truly springiness a s*** astir your success? To them, you were conscionable a transaction, wealth successful the slope and not a peculiar lawsuit that you are.

I cognize this due to the fact that I felt that mode when working with a fewer of my coaches. As soon arsenic you made a outgo they sent you immoderate videos and templates and the coaching itself was beneath average. Leaving you to bash each the hard enactment and thinking, erstwhile successful information you paid for guidance and support. In turn, leaving you resenting your manager and moving for the hills each clip you perceive the word ‘coach’.

Ever since I started coaching with radical 1–2–1, I felt liable for their success. Because their occurrence means my success. Because their achievements mean I did my occupation right.

Because a blessed lawsuit is my fig 1 priority. I ne'er wanted my clients to consciousness similar I did earlier that is why my client’s occurrence is the ONLY measurement of my success.

Working with a manager who believes successful your and has the skills is important, due to the fact that not lone volition they beryllium capable to assistance you find your ain answers but besides springiness you the strategies and tools for you to really instrumentality successful your business. The aforesaid tools and techniques helped maine shortcut my mode to occurrence I present get the privilege to stock with my clients.

Over the past fewer years I been moving with women who person galore years of acquisition successful their manufacture but person not been capable to maestro the online abstraction and ain their niche successful an overcrowded market. They whitethorn person been an adept successful their niche for 10, 15 oregon adjacent 20 years, but erstwhile it comes to doing things online they had nary hint of however to bash it. How to construe their real-world expertise into a coherent online brand.

Learn much astir ‘How to go a marque authorization successful your niche’ successful this blog.

They came to maine due to the fact that they didn’t cognize however to conquer the online world, bundle their skills into coherent offers, physique their online systems oregon amusement up online successful a mode that attracts their perfect audience. The full integer facet of moving a concern online felt scary and confusing. Watching each the 20 and 30 thing millennials crushing it online, whilst watching their 20 years acquisition wither distant into a void. Their dependable was simply mislaid successful the shuffle of the online satellite due to the fact that they didn’t person an online beingness and shiny tools to marque it each travel to life.

So erstwhile I stepped successful to assistance women crook things around, women were blown distant by the results it reaped for their businesses and erstwhile again they felt similar experts, worthy of changing their worthy that reflects their galore years of expertise. They felt assured to present transportation themselves to speaking opportunities, attack clients and go disposable again.

Over the people of moving unneurotic we:

– Nailed down their niche and marque positioning successful the marketplace that makes them basal retired from the rest

– Packaged their gifts (skills and expertise) successful a mode that speaks to their assemblage and makes them privation to motion up

– Helped women spot themselves arsenic experts truthful they tin commencement showing up from a spot of authorization and leadership

– Helped them flooded imposter syndrome truthful they tin consciousness assured and empowered to amusement up arsenic the go-to experts successful their niche

It whitethorn sounds cliche, but you request to enactment with radical who judge successful you and who are consenting to put successful you, conscionable arsenic you are consenting to put successful yourself. When you take your coach, you privation to consciousness similar they are invested successful your goals and dreams and consenting to perceive to your concerns. Not conscionable springiness you cookie-cutter strategies that perchance worked for others oregon worked for them.

I judge that everyone’s concern is antithetic and you privation to bash things successful your ain unsocial mode due to the fact that that is what makes you basal out.

That’s what makes you link with your audience. I americium the benignant of idiosyncratic who goes against the atom and consenting to effort caller things, that works for me. And this is precisely what I ever promote others to bash also, usage strategies that work, but bash it successful your ain unsocial way.

Above all, erstwhile moving with a manager determination indispensable beryllium communal spot truthful you tin locomotion the way to occurrence without questioning your decisions oregon yourself successful the process. There is thing worse than a manager who makes you consciousness worthless oregon beneath them. Makes you privation to shrink and springiness up your power. In the process of coaching, you should consciousness empowered and beryllium astatine the centre signifier and your manager needs to cognize however to bring retired the champion successful you, so you tin measurement into the spotlight and consciousness assured to radiance your light.

This period I americium opening fewer much spots to enactment women successful unlocking their gifts and their potential, truthful they tin amusement up arsenic assured go-to-experts successful their niche. So they tin consciousness empowered to basal successful their adept authorization and service the satellite with their expertise.

This is life-changing erstwhile you usage your gifts to alteration the lives of others erstwhile you determine to amusement p for yourself and the clients who are yet to enactment with you. They request you, you request you, the satellite needs you.

If this speaks to you and you are looking for a manager who believes successful you, spell up and driblet maine a connection and let’s spot if we are aligned to enactment together, truthful I tin usher you and cheer you connected to success.

With love,

Raimonda Jankunaite,

Serial entrepreneur, an empowerment manager and laminitis of the Women successful Business Club, the planetary assemblage and empowerment events for women.

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