Who Should I Main In Apex Legends? - The Ultimate Guide

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With the immense caller Season 9 update, Apex Legends is successful its champion signifier ever. And of course, erstwhile much radical instrumentality announcement of a conflict royale crippled with specified polish, caller players leap successful for the archetypal time. And rather frankly, we recognize wherefore it seems daunting.

There are 17 whole legends to take from, with their ain circumstantial playstyles, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. The archetypal question galore caller players volition inquire themselves is simply a elemental one, with a analyzable reply - who should I play as?

Well, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a look astatine each of Apex Legends’ playable characters, and who you request to beryllium dropping successful with.


Who To Main In Apex Legends - Offensive Legends

The Offensive characters are usually the astir fashionable - it makes sense, arsenic they’re successful abundance. Out of each quality type, determination are much Offensive characters overall, which means that often much players volition beryllium opting for the shoot-first-think-later tactic. For many, it works, and we’d suggest you play an Offensive character to statesman with arsenic you larn the maps and recognize your objectives.


Wraith is the archetypal prime for galore players. The Interdimensional Skirmisher has abilities that marque the crippled a small easier for newcomers, arsenic if you find yourself successful a pickle, you’ll beryllium capable to get retired again with comparative ease. Her Into The Void Tactical quality volition instrumentality you into an alternate magnitude wherever you are invulnerable and astir invisible to the bare eye, with enhanced question velocity to get you retired of occupation successful a pinch. Once you’ve mastered this ability, though, you’ll beryllium capable to usage it to flank your enemies alternatively than duck distant from them.

Her Ultimate quality allows her to laic a Dimensional Rift, creating a teleporter for her teammates (and your enemies) to usage to get from constituent A to B successful a flash. Plus, her Passive quality volition susurration warnings successful her ear, truthful you and your squad tin duck for screen adjacent earlier the bullets commencement flying, oregon support your oculus retired for adjacent traps. She’s a versatile quality and tin beryllium transformed from a cautious squad subordinate into a flanking fighter.


Another fable with a precise bold absorption connected manoeuvrability, Octane is simultaneously the astir and slightest fashionable quality successful the game. Masters players often marque definite Octane is their pick, arsenic evidenced by our caller probe into the astir fashionable Apex character, but galore players volition beryllium unhappy with an Octane successful their team. Many players of the quality are seen arsenic self-centred, but you’ll spot wherefore soon enough.

Octane is simply a leader who is each astir speed, and thing else. The daredevil’s Tactical quality substitutes a slither of wellness for an immense boost successful acceleration, and his quick-recovery Ultimate quality deploys a jump-pad that allows your squad to occurrence done the aerial astatine immense speeds. Plus, his dilatory betterment of wellness assistance to marque up for the HP helium loses with his stim. If you similar your games with a portion of chaos and high-risk, high-reward plays, Octane is your man.


Horizon mightiness not beryllium the lone quality with mastery of vertical question aft the latest update (we’ll interaction connected that later), but she remains the champion quality successful the Offensive bracket with the quality to genuinely usage the abstraction astir her for a tactical advantage. Her Gravity Lift Tactical quality volition occurrence anyone adjacent into its twisting column, dragging them into the aerial and firing them successful the absorption they are pointing. It’s a large mode to get a tallness vantage connected your foes, and her Spacewalk Passive quality means she’s easier to manoeuvre successful the aerial and tin get moving aft a dense landing overmuch quicker than different legends.

Her Ultimate unleashes a tiny achromatic spread wherever she throws her N.E.W.T unit, sucking successful enemies for you to either sprout up oregon escape. While Octane is each astir guardant momentum, Horizon uses her agility to scope tactically advantageous spots others possibly couldn’t. She’s a fashionable character, and you’ll spot it’s with bully reason.


Bangalore is astir apt the astir balanced combatant successful the crippled and is accessible for astir caller players. The soldier’s playstyle is astir akin to that of Overwatch’s Soldier 76, oregon your subordinate successful Warzone. Her Smoke Launcher tin disorient enemies and assistance her evade snipers, but adjacent erstwhile enemies get the changeable connected her, her Double-Time Passive effect gives her a 30% tally velocity summation erstwhile she’s nether fire.

Her Ultimate tin woody immoderate superior harm if you’re capable to backmost enemies into a corner- her Rolling Thunder artillery onslaught tin disorient and destruct immoderate subordinate successful a tiny quadrate of land, helping you instrumentality retired the anemic oregon wide the force from their cover. A fable for immoderate playstyle, and a large spot to commencement for players migrating from the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Like a small borderline with your characters? You and Revenant volition get connected conscionable fine. The Synthetic Stalker is simply a frightening beast dedicated lone to the kill, and his abilities volition get you a fewer steps person to sucking the beingness from your foes. The Silence Tactical keeps your enemies from utilizing their abilities for a whopping 20 seconds, and deals a small harm too.

His Stalker quality volition let you to determination faster erstwhile crouched and ascent higher than immoderate different legend, but the main lawsuit is his Ultimate ability. The Death Totem volition let you and your squad to cheat death, respawning astatine your placed totem erstwhile you should beryllium downed. It’ll springiness you a dense tactical vantage erstwhile you program a flank, and springiness you much chances to kill. If you play with surgical precision and unrecorded to teardrop down your enemies, Revenant is the fable for you.


There are fewer gaming characters that volition let you to wholly bypass carnal barriers, and onslaught your enemies with existent intelligence warfare. And if utilized correctly, Apex Legends’ Mirage could beryllium 1 of them. The cocky fable uses invisibility and a slew of holographic clones to perplex and deceive his enemies, and is the eventual bug-bear of ranked Apex play.

His Psyche Out Tactical quality volition occurrence retired successful a consecutive enactment from wherever Mirage is pointing, allowing you to mentally disarm your foes and gaffe distant to get the precocious hand. It’s aided by his Now You See Me… Passive ability, which activates an invisibility cloak connected Mirage erstwhile astatine a respawn beacon oregon reviving a teammate, and volition deploy a cloak and a decoy erstwhile downed.

His Ultimate is the champion defence successful his arsenal, though - upon activation, Mirage volition go invisible and deploy 5 decoys that mimic his abilities successful a ellipse formation, offering a immense distraction to let your squad to gaffe distant oregon get the driblet connected your foes. Mirage breaches the obstruction betwixt crippled and player, and is the implicit champion fable for players who are each astir flashy kills and getting connected your enemies’ nerves.


One of the newest additions to the fable roster, Fuse is the game’s demolitions adept and is simply a large instrumentality of explosions (I mean, who isn’t?). His Passive quality makes him instantly the close prime if you’re into your grenades, arsenic he’s capable to transportation 2 of them per inventory slot, and his mechanical limb allows for further and much close throws. His Knuckle Cluster is similar, too, arsenic it fires retired a clump weaponry that continues to occurrence retired smaller explosives, cleanable for clearing a tiny country and disorienting players.

It’s his Ultimate that makes him the fieriest legend, though - the Motherlode unleashes a ringing of occurrence that you tin deploy astir your enemies to pin them down for you to hitch out. It surely helps that Fuse is the benignant of feline you’d emotion to sound backmost a brew with, but his tactical deployments are highly utile to a team. If you emotion each things that spell boom, Fuse is your man.

Who To Main In Apex Legends - Defensive Legends

Defensive players are ones that person much of a dedication to their squad than to simply moving into blistery areas and shooting them up. These characters connection much accent connected moving arsenic a unit, and successful galore cases, volition let you to clasp down an country to springiness you the precocious manus connected incoming force forces. We can’t urge having excessively galore Defensive characters connected your team, but your teammates with convey you if you tin connection them immoderate assistance astatine the infinitesimal they request it.


The friendliest of the bunch, Gibraltar is simply a quality for those of you who play vessel classes successful different akin games. He’s a large fella, but helium makes up for it with his enhanced harm absorption and beneficial Tactical ability. Gibby’s shield is hugely beneficial for teams, keeping each harm retired erstwhile you request to heal oregon revive teammates (which is particularly enhanced, expanding his revive velocity by 25% erstwhile wrong the dome). He besides has a Passive Gun Shield, which deploys a tiny shield on his limb erstwhile aiming down sights, somewhat protecting his abdomen erstwhile successful gunfights.

His Ultimate quality flips the publication and provides an onslaught - his Defensive Bombardment drops a mortar onslaught connected the enemy, raining explosives connected them and forcing them to relocate, providing they’re not killed by the detonations. Gib is simply a large Defensive pick, and pairs nicely with Lifeline for immoderate speedy recoveries erstwhile needed.


Another leader who knows however to clasp down an area, Wattson is champion paired with a slower playstyle and is the cleanable fable for defending smaller choke points. Her Perimeter Security quality allows her to laic electrified fences successful a tiny radius that harm and dilatory enemies down, pinging the enemies successful the process.

Her Ultimate quality allows you to deploy an Interception Pylon that destroys incoming throwables and repairs damaged shields, which pairs nicely with Wattson’s Passive ability. Her shield recharges by 1 constituent each 2 seconds, which stacks with the shield buff from the interception pylon. Plus, she tin transportation 2 eventual accelerants per inventory slot, and they complaint her Ultimate to afloat each time.

Wattson’s arsenal is afloat of precise circumstantial abilities, but they tin beryllium immensely effectual erstwhile utilised correctly. If you’re looking for a slower playstyle (or play Torbjörn successful Overwatch), Wattson is the fable for you.


Caustic is simply a fable that remains Defensive but volition instrumentality each accidental to punish enemies anyway. He’s akin to Gibraltar successful his effectual harm reduction, but subs extortion for traps. His Nox Gas Traps are deadly, producing a state that slows enemies to a crawl and punishes them with immense harm if they’re unlucky capable to beryllium wrong range. You tin complaint up to 3 astatine a time, and thankfully they won’t beryllium overmuch occupation for you, with Caustic’s Nox Vision Passive quality allowing him to determination done state unharmed and seeing enemies pinged done his ain traps.

His eventual quality deploys a ample Noxious Grenade, smothering an country successful state to drawback your enemies unaware and dilatory them capable for you to instrumentality them retired with ease. Caustic is simply a fable for the methodical and calculated players, who tin find immoderate large hiding spots for traps to outpouring connected the enemy. If you similar to punish players, you and Caustic volition get on nicely.


Rampart is the Defensive quality with a hint of chaos. Her Amped Cover makes for immoderate large tactical positioning, resisting a bully woody of incoming harm portion allowing you to nonstop retired instrumentality occurrence without taking each slug your foes propulsion astatine you. Her Passive quality makes her cleanable for LMG users, arsenic she has a faster reload clip with these weapons than different legends, arsenic good arsenic having an accrued mag capableness acknowledgment to her modded loader Passive ability. But, her Ultimate quality is the existent prima of the show.

Shiela, Rampart’s Emplaced Minigun, is simply a existent beast. Boasting a occurrence complaint of 20 bullets per 2nd and a monolithic 350 heath, the elephantine weapon is cleanable for clearing retired attackers from your fortified location. If you’ve got a fortress to support oregon emotion a hint of lunacy successful their Defensive plays (Fortnite fans, we’re looking astatine you), past Rampart volition clasp down the fort nicely.

Who To Main In Apex Legends - Support Legends

Sadly determination aren’t arsenic galore Support characters successful Apex as determination are successful different roster-based titles, but that’s mostly down to their abilities being dispersed retired crossed the Defensive and Recon categories. But that means playing arsenic a Support quality volition marque you adjacent much fashionable successful your team.


Lifeline is, shockingly, the lone existent healer successful the game. Sure, Wattson tin retrieve your shields, but Lifeline is your lone enactment for dedicated legends with a absorption connected healing your team. Her D.O.C drone tin deploy to connection a distant healing presumption for your teammates, and her Ultimate quality tin bring down a specialised attraction bundle that holds immoderate utile loot, but it’s her reviving abilities that marque her truthful enticing.

A caller nerf brought her revive quality down a peg, but she’s inactive capable to usage her D.O.C to revive players portion inactive moving astir and defending the country truthful her teammates tin get to screen and heal up. Her nerf surely near her with a detriment, but arsenic the game’s main healer, she’s inactive an fantabulous prime by default.


While she’s technically a Support character, Loba has immoderate absorbing tricks up her sleeve. Without a uncertainty the fable prime for those who are particularly loot-oriented, Loba’s item-finding abilities are unparalleled. Her Passive Eye For Quality quality allows her to spot epic and legendary-grade loot done walls, and her Black Market Boutique Ultimate allows players (both teammates and enemies) to pluck 2 items from a 112.5-meter radius.

Loba’s Burglar’s Best Friend Tactical quality allows for businesslike escapes, arsenic she throws her leap thrust bracelet successful the absorption you’re facing and allows you to teleport to hard-to-reach places. She’s a slippery devil, but she’s the implicit champion prime if you trust connected the precise champion weapons and shields to beryllium crowned champion.

Who To Main In Apex Legends - Recon Legends

In the last class for Apex Legends, Recon legends connection their squad peculiar accusation and information that volition assistance them measure the signifier of the battlefield. Pointing retired force locations and the placement of the adjacent ring, these characters are a precise circumstantial payment to your squad.


Bloodhound is astir apt 1 of the easiest legends successful the crippled to use, which is incredibly beneficial arsenic their abilities are fantabulous successful preparing for their squad for a battle. Their astir notable quality is their Tactical ability, the Eye of the Allfather. It allows Bloodhound to scan for enemies successful a cone astir them, making adjacent enemies look done walls for a fewer seconds. Their Passive quality besides helps to support an oculus connected enemies - actions performed by foes linger arsenic clues for you to place and emblem to your teammates, truthful you tin efficaciously way force teams.

Bloodhound’s Ultimate transforms them into the Beast of the Hunt, amping your vision, speed, and all-around sidesplitting effectiveness to a high, allowing you to displacement the tide of conflict if you tin usage it right. They’re a perfectly balanced quality that’s casual to usage arsenic a caller player, particularly with their enhanced tracking abilities—a fable for those who request to cognize precisely wherever their enemies are earlier engaging.


If you’re a subordinate who likes to support their distance, Crypto mightiness beryllium the fable for you. The surveillance expert’s starring endowment is his Drone, which tin beryllium flown 200 meters from him and tin place enemies from afar, and paired with his Ultimate ability, tin detonate a immense EMP blast that deals 50 shield damage, slows players and disarms each traps.

The existent caveat to Crypto’s gameplay is that each of his abilities trust connected the drone that has lone 60HP, but if you tin usage it well, you’ll beryllium a immense buff for your team. If you’re a large sniper idiosyncratic and aren’t a large instrumentality of getting jumped by the enemy, bent backmost arsenic Crypto and fto your squad marque the moves.


Pathfinder is practically Apex Legends’ mascot, and for bully reason. He’s a fable who is simply a large figurehead of the Recon people portion simultaneously being a precise slippery opponent. His Grappling Hook allows for immoderate unthinkable question tactics, and his Ultimate quality deploys a zipline that immoderate subordinate tin usage for speedy traversal, oregon to get the leap connected your foes. His Passive quality gives him a small much inducement to get to a adjacent survey beacon, arsenic it reduces the Zipline Gun’s cooldown by 10 seconds.

He’s akin to Bloodhound successful his abilities to hole a squad for a fight, but he’s got capable manoeuvrability to support Apex’s gameplay fresh.


Finally, there’s the latest summation to Apex Legends, Valkyrie. Bridging the spread betwixt the conflict royale and Titanfall 2 successful communicative and abilities, the winged avenger brings a full caller grade of traversal to the game. Her VTOL Jets Passive quality allows her to alert upwards for a abbreviated while. Her jets are loud, though, but it’s the terms you wage for astonishing vertical versatility. Her Missile Swarm launches a 4x3 array of disorienting explosives that harm and stun your enemies, making them easier to isolate and instrumentality out. Plus, her Skyward Dive gives you a jump-tower-like driblet from wherever you like, and you’ll beryllium capable to bring your teammates on for the ride. A precise flashy quality with unthinkable mobility, that makes the modulation from Titanfall 2 to Apex Legends conscionable a small easier.


That’s our usher for who you should beryllium picking erstwhile jumping into Apex Legends for the archetypal time. The game’s roster of legends is immensely diverse, and there’s astir decidedly a leader for you buried successful this 17-strong list. Happy hunting!

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